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How to Talk to Your Atheist Friend About Jesus Christ

by Witness for Christ on 06 Jul 2014 permalink
We shall assume that indeed you are talking to a friend you have known for sometimes, that you have learned to trust each other through some common experience and that you respect each others' opinion. Here is how to go:

It would be best if you waited for the atheist to bring up the subject. Being convinced that God doesn't exist and then finding out that He is real can be a traumatic experience.

The best tack is to be Christ-like to your friend until they can't hold themselves anymore and beg you to spell out what this Jesus of yours who lives on the inside is like.

It is best not to argue about the creation and the many obvious clues to you that God's presence is everywhere. Instead you should drive the conversation to the issue of sin and the perfect dispensation of grace brought about by Christ's death at Calvary.

Atheism is a cover up to avoid dealing with the issue of righteousness. If there is no God then there is no need to confess our sins and there is no need for the blood of Jesus for atonement.

The root issue is of course rebellion. If there is no God then there is no need to be accountable for our lives. Another area to probe is the issue of death. If there is no heaven and no hell what will give a purpose to our short sojourn on planet earth?

You must undergird your effort in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to speak through you. You don't need to be a scholar in the Scriptures to lead someone to Christ. The next best thing after the Words of God is your own testimony. How you met Christ, what changed in you as a result of that encounter is something that is so real to you and that nobody can dispute.

Even as you well know, someone brought up in a Christian environment will backslide and have a day of reckoning to rediscover Christ for themselves in a very personal way. Just stress that you are no better or more deserving than your atheist friend. You simply grabbed your chance to connect with Christ and make Him the Lord of your life. That opportunity is extended also to your friend. The Lord is patient with us, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Making a decision to receive Christ into one's life is only the start of the journey. Later you will learn to disciple your friend, study the Scriptures together and put them into practice.

Lizzie Reezay says:
My friend just declared on facebook that he is atheist. It makes me incredibly sad, and so I'm going to pray to have the wisdom to share Jesus with him.

Adam says:
I just read this and became incredibly sad. I really do understand the desire for total explanation. Total understanding. Total comfort. Eternal life. We are all human, we all want to understand the world. We all want a meaning to our lives.

Anyways, my point is, we as humans are very arrogant. We think we can understand it all. We try hard through science to understand what we can, and we theorize plenty through religion to fill in the gaps, or to lend additional comfort to those who can't accept the world as it is. But not understanding, and not being comforted by false comfort does not lead to a sad existence. You may think without god you have no meaning of life. But why does there have to be a pre-determined meaning or purpose? You are an intelligent being. Make your own meaning. Find happiness. Realize kindness and compassion make you feel good. Realize cruelty and prejudice make you feel horrible. Realize that everybody is important. Every life is living here with you now. Help make everybody's life meaningful.

I leave with this.
- Why must life have a pre-determined purpose?
Because we are made in the image of God and have been given a freewill that He will never override.

- Why must god(s) exist?
Because creation cannot exist without a Creator. Believing otherwise is like saying that if you try enough times you will end up with the complete edition of Encyclopedia Britannica by just detonating a bomb in a print shop. You cannot have order out of chaos. In physics it's called the law of entropy.

- If god existed, why would he be so human, and so childish as to punish those who did not believe in him?
In His wisdom God gives every human being a chance to connect with Him. Your stumbling across this website might be such an encounter. Muslims or buddhists get revelations of Jesus Christ through dreams in countries where the Bible is banned.

- Why the christian god and not the greek gods?
Because Jesus Christ is the only one who paid for your sins by dying on the cross on your behalf so that you could be made righteous in God's sight. It is a free gift but it will cost you everything you are to follow Christ from that time on. That's why so many rebel against a divine authority and miss their chance or concoct a god they can tame and be comfortable with.

(Editor's replies in bold).

Amadeus says:
You're completely ignoring the fact that most of us atheists were raised by religious parents and have already been told all of this. Most of us have already thought about all of the issues in this article. It's very rude and ethnocentric to assume that someone who doesn't agree with you must not know what you know. Would you preach to a Jewish person in this way?

Bryan says:
Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thy own understanding."
1:7 "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction." 12:15 "the way of the fool is right in his own eyes...." 12:23 "....the heart of fools proclaimeth foolishness."

Iain says:
Your reply to the question about 'why god(s) must exist?' is a logical fallacy. Creation under no circumstances inherently implies a creator, and trying to apply the law of entropy as an explanation is the worst kind of twisting of science to explain something that is purely theological.
'Chaos' is a different thig to what you think it is. It describes a well-bounded system in which the current state of any particular variable is very difficult to deterministically predict. You mean that you cannot create order out of disorder, and this just isn't true - you just need to put energy in. Your battle is against statistics, not entropy.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God for He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

And 'why the christian god?' is a great question that nobody has been able to satisfactorily answer. If you were born in Iran, do you think that your upbringing and social environment would still have led you to believe that Jesus Christ was (sorry, is?) your god and saviour?

Have you found anybody else who died on your behalf so that you could be set free from your sins for eternity?

mel says:
Why God, why the God of the bible and not the greek gods? Why do you love your (mom, dad, spouse, child?) can you satisfactorily answer that?

Love is difficult to explain in any situation. The only thing I know is that the Lord Jesus Christ came into my life and has started setting me free from addictions, illnesses, He is setting me free from fear and doubt and filling my life with joy and peace!

I want to share it with those who do not know Him because I want to see the excitement and wonder build in their lives as they seek the Lord with their whole heart and find out how much He loves them.

I cannot argue to convince you that God exists. But if you are honest enough in your heart to admit that you want Him to. If you can admit that you want Him to be all that He says He is, and if you turn to Him with the belief that He will meet you there through His son Jesus Christ who died for you in your disbelief, then He will show Himself to your heart.

As your faith grows it will be fed and grow more. All He wants is your honesty and a mustard seed of faith to seek Him with your whole heart!! How do I know? Because that is where I was until 2004. When I realized He has to be true and real but that I did not believe, I confessed my unbelief and decided to believe with His help, until I believed.

It was a seemingly slow growth to me, but a blink of an eye to Him. Today I believe but there are still times I have to ask Him to help my unbelief. And, He DOES!!! every time. For me, that is the answer to why God. I bless you and I thank you for being willing to read my testimony.



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